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The Synergy Research Institute
SRI’s Fractal Solutions Lab (FSL) & The Human & Science Fair Initiative

SRI’s Fractal Solutions Lab (FSL) & The Human & Science Fair Initiative

With more than two decades of privileged access to advanced information and projects which have involved the most pioneering minds of the last two centuries, and together with multidisciplinary research into theoretical physics and advanced concepts, SRI prepares to share and continue its path through the Open Research methodology, by inviting academics from all disciplines and nationalities to join minds and efforts into putting together all the pieces of the puzzle to help define a gross Unified Field Theory that will allow the academic world and the latest generations into the outstanding imminent possibility of developing non-polluting over-unity technologies for energy-access and the production of materials, triggering the decentralisation of the manufacturing process and therefor the supply of unlimited basic needs and resources that will eventually allow humanity to transcend the current non-viable path of self-destruction and collateral ecosystem deterioration.

We are now in the initial stages of attracting passionate scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs which, together with other organisations and academic institutions, can enrol to pursue their own passion and research within the framework of The Hyper-Dimensional Model, which has already been corroborated and recognized by the most advanced research and outstanding pioneering minds on the planet.

SRI recognises this path as imperative for the Proper Advancement of Humanity. Read more about what we mean with ‘proper’, here.

Make sure to read also about FSL’s Science Fair Initiative; where educators, students and scientists meet for inspirational school-organised events.