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Transforming The War Industry Into A World Cooperative Space Industry: A New Economic Stimulus Package & Security System via The Space Preservation Act and Companion Space Preservation Treaty
Transforming The War Industry Into A World Cooperative Space Industry: A New Economic Stimulus Package & Security System via The Space Preservation Act and Companion Space Preservation Treaty

Transforming The War Industry Into A World Cooperative Space Industry: A New Economic Stimulus Package & Security System via The Space Preservation Act and Companion Space Preservation Treaty

January, 2003

On June 13, 2002 the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty was terminated following the unilateral notice of abrogation by the U.S. Administration on December 13, 2001. This action permits research, development, testing, manufacturing, production and deployment of space-based weapons, and components of the National Missile Defense (NMD) system to go forward, instigating a destabilizing, costly and dangerous arms race in space. Some estimates are that the NMD system — which is partly space-based may cost up to $238 billion, and that is just the beginning. Achieving an enforceable, permanent ban on space-based weapons is feasible only at this moment in history and this is within our practical reach.

The Space Preservation Act of 2002 (H.R. 3616), to be reintroduced in 2003 by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), Co-Chair of the House Space and Aviation Caucus and Chair of the House Progressive Caucus, directs the U.S. President to work toward “negotiating, adopting and implementing an international treaty banning space-based weapons and the use of weapons to destroy or damage objects in space that are in orbit.”

Companion to the Space Preservation Act is an up-to-date world treaty, the Space Preservation Treaty. This Space Preservation Treaty will fill the legal void left by the breaking of the ABM Treaty and will fulfill the needs of all treaties intending to keep space as a weapons-free zone for the benefits to all humankind. Similar to the Space Preservation Act, the Space Preservation Treaty provides that “Each State Party to this Treaty shall:

(1) implement a ban on space-based weapons;

(2) implement a ban on the use of weapons to destroy or damage objects in space that are in orbit; and immediately order the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production and deployment of all space-based weapons of such State Party.”

Under the terms of the Space Preservation Treaty, once three nations sign it and deposit it at the United Nations office of the Secretary General as Treaty Depositary, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will be required to report publicly to the U.N. General Assembly every 90 days on progress under the Space Preservation Treaty. Once 20 nations have signed and ratified the Space Preservation Treaty it will go into force and the Outer Space Peacekeeping Agency will be funded and established to monitor outer space and enforce the ban on space-based weapons. The Space Preservation Treaty incorporates the exact wording and intent of the Space Preservation Act, the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, and international proposals, including the Chinese-Russian proposal. It is, therefore, ready for signatures and for immediate deposit at the U.N. Secretariat. This Space Preservation Treaty and the movement to support it will help put necessary pressure on the U.S. congress and administration.

Article IV of the Space Preservation Treaty requires that “Each State party to this Treaty agrees to the establishment, funding, equipping and deployment of an outer space peacekeeping agency, whose mission is to monitor outer space and enforce the permanent ban of space-based weapons under this Treaty.” Article VII of the Treaty provides that “The provisions of Articles 1 and II of this Treaty shall apply to all States, regardless of whether such States are signatures to this Treaty.” One hundred sixteen (116) nations have signed the 1967 U.N. Outer Space Treaty, banning weapons of mass destruction from outer space. The Space Preservation Treaty establishes an agency that will monitor and enforce the ban.

Most leaders of the world are on record wanting to ban space-based weapons. On April 12, 2001, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan announced his support of a ban on space-based weapons. The Secretary General stated that the international community recognized early that a legal regime for outer space was needed to prevent space from becoming another arena of military confrontation. On November 29, 2001, the U.N. General Assembly approved by a 156-0 vote the basis for a treaty establishing a permanent ban on space-based weapons (Resolution 56/535), by stating the Member Nations were “convinced that further measures should be examined in the search for effective and verifiable bilateral and multilateral agreements in order to prevent an arms race in outer space, including the weaponization of outer space.” On November 20, 2000, a similar U.N. General Assembly resolution to prevent an arms race in space (Resolution 55/32) was approved where the final adopting vote was 163-0. [1]

The Space Preservation Treaty is an effective and verifiable multilateral agreement to prevent an arms race in outer space, including the weaponization of outer space.

Key space faring nation leaders have publicly stated they are in favor of banning space-based weapons. Deputy Prime Minister John Manley of Canada on July 26, 2001 stated, “Canada would be very happy to launch an initiative to see an international convention preventing the weaponization of space.” [2] Canada first called for a ban on space-based weapons 20 years ago in 1982 and again in 1998 and 1999.

On September 28, 2001, just two weeks after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, in a major speech at the United Nations in New York, Russia’s Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov stated, “Russia invites the world community to start working out a comprehensive agreement on the non-deployment of weapons in outer space and on the non-use of force against space objects. As the first practical step in this direction, a moratorium could be declared on the deployment of weapons in outer space pending a relevant international agreement. Preventing the deployment of weapons in outer space forms an important part of the set of measures designed to ensure strategic stability.”

On June 6, 2001, China formally proposed possible provisions of a “Treaty on the Prevention of the Weaponization of Outer Space.” China stated, “China is dedicated to promoting the international community to negotiate and conclude an international legal instrument on the prevention of the weaponization of space and an arms race in outer space.”

Nearly 300 U.S. and international non-governmental organizations have formally endorsed the Space Preservation Act, and that movement is rapidly growing around the US and worldwide.

A forthcoming D.C. press conference will introduce the Space Preservation Act, and a forthcoming Space Preservation Treaty-signing Conference will produce a literal lid on the arms race with continued R&D and exploration that will cause a new economic stimulus package to emerge that is no longer based on war for peace, put on bringing the world together in real peace. There will be an interactive world media and community event, whereby the nation-state leaders signing the Space Preservation Treaty will be acknowledged and will empower a new cooperative Space Age reality for humankind: a ban on space-based weapons and the foundation of a cooperative world space economy, security system and society. And a new U.S. President, a new Commander in Chief, will be elected in 2004 who is the voice of all progressive issues and who is the voice for this win-win platform.

After the breakdowns of 2001-2, the breakthroughs of 2003-4 will produce the signing of the Space Preservation Treaty, and the first 20 nations who sign on will enact the Treaty that will help put necessary pressure on the US Congress and Administration to pass the Space Preservation Act.

This ban on space-based weapons, and the awareness that this is an Aikido style approach that is not intended to shut down the military industrial lab university intelligence complex, will awaken and expand the positive realities we all want.

This one act has the potential to shift our collective consciousness to:

  • Enhance world health and education
  • Help create a clean and safe sustainable environment
  • Support international security needs through information sharing
  • Stimulate the world economy based on the R&D of clean energy
  • Create a consciousness of our place in the infinite universe
  • Lead to peace on earth because there is peace preserved in space


The Space Preservation Act and the companion Space Preservation Treaty facilitate future public and private investment in world cooperative space ventures that are not related to space-based weapons, and the consequent stimulation of the new national and world Space Age economy. Section 6 of the Space Preservation Act of 2002 specifically permits “the use of funds for

(1) space exploration,

(2) space research and development;

(3) testing, manufacturing or production that is not related to space-based weapons or systems; and civil, commercial or defense activities (including communications, navigation, surveillance, reconnaissance, early warning or remote sensing) that are not related to space-based weapons or systems.”

The public and private investment in space activities that are not related to space-based weapons will open the way to significant positive impacts on national and world economies as jobs, new training programs and investments expand in the civil, commercial, entrepreneurial and military sectors to meet the demand for the R&D of clean and safe Space Age technology, products and services that can and will be applied directly to solving urgent problems of humans and other animals and our environment and energy issues.

Investment in non-weapons space capital goods and services that come from space industries, businesses, labs and factories, space habitats, space hotels and resorts, hospitals, schools and universities, elevators, solar and other energy sources, and craft create economic multiplier effects which in turn will have positive impacts on terrestrial and space-related jobs and training programs and on the expanding consumer and producer economies.

A space factory, for example, is a capital good that in turn multiplies the investment put into it by producing unlimited and conscious jobs, goods and services for the growing space and terrestrial economy.

A space-based weapons industry is limited and must continually generate more war, dumping old weapons, testing new ones, and rationalizing budgets for the new weapons and wars, and this is an example of a capital good that does not itself produce an abundance of jobs, goods and services.

A space hospital, for example, will expand our knowledge or healing approaches and technologies and will steer the medical profession and related industries towards all kinds of higher, more sophisticated, consciously applied healing techniques.

A space hotel and resort will expand our travel and communication devices to help bring the world together with a vision of a future of adventure into unknown places.

A space school and university will bring education to new heights. The highest tools of technology will be applied to enhancing communication, information exchanges and the applications of our selves and our technologies, products and services in new ways our minds can see, hearts feel, and spirits know that we all can envision as we educate worldwide about the space that is the common heritage of all world citizens.

As we have learned to live, work and travel cooperatively in space for the past nearly 50 years, we will learn to live, work and travel on earth in peace on our home planet.

Banning space-based weapons will create a new era of cooperative expansion worldwide in the context of a whole new space age paradigm, a whole new way of thinking by humankind, as we evolve into the Universe with unprecedented benefits, opportunities and prosperity for all – including for so-called adversaries.

By capping the arms race before it escalates into space, we are transforming the entire war industry (and mindset) into a cooperative world space industry. The benefits and opportunities that result will help to bring the world together in peace and cooperation, in health and happiness, respecting all sacred life, with love in peace.

The largest research and development (R&D) program in history is now mandated to weaponize space. Even with all the protests, the war industry has expanded and plans to evolve into space. Satellites can be used as force multipliers in war situations, or as ways to educate, heal, clean-up our environment, prepare with early warning of man-made or natural disasters, and to verify arms agreements including the elimination of nuclear weapons and other dangerous and polluting technologies. Replacement of these technologies is going to be big business with a consciousness. How we evolve into space is now OUR choice.

Obviously, this ban will not immediately solve all problems on earth, so we have to work on them all simultaneously. This bill will not end all wars immediately, immediately end the nuclear industry or heal everyone, but it is the necessary step to making that happen.

This bill will not stop local gang warfare or domestic disputes in the home immediately, but it will show youth that there is going to be a healthy future with exciting and real job possibilities. This bill will not immediately eliminate poverty or the homelessness or clean up our environment or heal sick children and other animals. But it will free technology and intention to solve those problems instead of being applied to war games. Even though this bill is about banning space-based weapons, it is the bill that will cause the massive shift in consciousness and make it possible for the Complex to move into space in a way that will cause everything to change so that all issues will be positively impacted.

IMAGINE when the people of the world realize we have “capped,” put a literal lid on the arms race, stopped war before it entered into the vastness of space above all our heads, stopped the “domination and control” mindset that has had an on-going plan for decades to dump old weapons in various war torn areas, to test new weapons always aimed at improving them so they can “seize the high ground,” so that they can build more fear factors and then rationalize the budgets necessary to fund those in the Complex in a way that tempted people to work in that grid even if they didn’t buy into the illusion of fear premises that perpetuate this momentum and anger around the world. Finally, this pattern will be broken.

This ban on space-based weapons, passing this specific Space Preservation Act and Treaty is THE most important vital step we need to take in our lifetime.

It is our RESPONSIBILITY, OUR responsibility to get these documents passed into law before the current US administration can make this unstoppable as they plan to do before the next Presidential election.

Passing this bill and Treaty is the necessary giant step for all humankind, the step that will pivot us and all of our issues so we can deal with them in a sane manner.

Together, we will achieve the ban on space-based weapons. We have no choice – it’s now or never. The bill and companion world treaty are what we need to quickly and calmly fill the legal void that exists today. This treaty incorporates the best from other treaties and resolutions. You cannot please everyone, but you can get the job done with these documents. We must do this. We have no more time for debates, controversy, re-writes or distractions.

This bill and treaty is bringing us together at this critical moment. We are networking and forming what may be the fastest growing movement in history. Please join in. Young and old, from all cultures are rising above their different perspectives and issues in solidarity to rally around this one vital issue, and around the Space Preservation Act and Treaty, around the Congressman who leads the way and who is our voice on the Hill and around the world.

For and with the children on our planet, we World Citizens and Leaders who can choose and make this reality real, do not want space-based battle stations, space bombers, and space-based weapons or other dangerous space-based technology. We’ll take the space stations and habitats, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels and resorts, industries and labs, elevators and crafts in space, solar energy and other alternatives we can learn about and create. But no way will there be space-based weapons or any weapons that could damage or destroy our eyes and ears in the sky.

We want the world’s leaders to sign and ratify the Space Preservation Treaty immediately. We want the leaders of Canada to wake up and convene an emergency Space Preservation Treaty Conference as soon as possible. We want our world’s leaders to tell the US congress and administration that they will not participate in building and deploying these weapons. It is important to note here, before ending this treatise, that weapons deployed in space will have the ability to target any point on earth with great accuracy, allowing the nation controlling those weapons to dominate the entire earth with impunity.

Choosing a future for humankind without space-based weapons is feasible right now, but only BEFORE actual weapons are placed in space. Do whatever you can to focus with intention on this issue, in order to get this Space Preservation Act and companion Space Preservation Treaty passed into law in 2003-4.